Hi, I’m Andreea!

From an early age, I’ve been passionate about interior and exterior design, even saving my pocket money for landscaping and design magazines at a certain point.

Dreaming of becoming an architect, I took drawing lessons during my senior year of high school in another city, to prepare for the entrance exam (which was 100% based on drawing).

However, I started pretty late and had a background in math and informatics, while my peers attended specialized schools. It also felt more like a hobby to me, than a career path.

So, as a backup plan, I decided to leverage my strengths and also apply to an IT university.

After I passed the entrance exam, plan B quickly became plan A, and I decided to join my friends in celebrating the end of high school instead of preparing all summer for a potentially unsuccessful venture into architecture.

Years later, I still believe this was the right call and I don’t regret it one bit, but that doesn’t mean that my passion for design disappeared either.

In fact, I put it to good use when I designed my first apartment from scratch, spending weeks perfecting its interior.

Having said all that, this blog aims to be my creative outlet, as well as a tool through which I can share my home decor tips and what I’ve learned over the years.

So join me as we discover everything design-related!