10 Really Easy Christmas Nightstand Decor Ideas

Simple, yet beautiful bedstand decor ideas for Christmas

I’m a huge Christmas fan, so every year I try to decorate all of the spaces in my apartment for the holidays. However, my bedroom is on the smaller side so it can quickly look overcrowded if I add too many decorations.

But I found out that an easy way to add some Christmas cheer to your bedroom (that also works great with smaller rooms) is to just decorate your window(s) and nightstands. So here are some very simple Christmas nightstand decor ideas to use as inspiration for this holiday season.

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01. House and trees with flower arrangement

This is actually the decor that I ended up choosing for my nightstand, so it’s definitely my favorite out of the bunch. I like that it’s a mix of modern (the flower arrangement, the bamboo tray) and traditional (the small medieval house made from ceramic, the snowed trees) that really works well with my bedroom.

It’s also really simple to put together, you just have to find similar elements. Here is what I used:

Since my bedroom’s main color scheme is white-grey-blue, I went for a flower arrangement that had lots of white by adding a twig with white berries and some cotton. I then added a eucalyptus branch and a pale pink peony for a tiny touch of color. You can of course adapt this to your own color scheme.

As a side note, I used to avoid using artificial flowers because I felt it was really obvious they were fake. However, I have since come around after I found some really nice options that look natural. Besides they’re so much easier to maintain.

Next to the flower arrangement, I added a small ceramic house that I bought during one of my Rothenburg ob der Tauber Christmas market visits.

Since it’s hollow, I added fairy lights inside which I turn on in the evening. And in order for everything to be stable (since the wire made the house kinda shakey), I put a few small furniture protector pads on its bottom.

And the great thing about it is that the house actually exists in Rothenburg: it’s called the Toppler Castle and it was the residence of mayor Henry Toppler (hence the name). I really loved that I could incorporate this lovely souvenir into my holiday decorations.

I then put everything on a bamboo tray that matches the legs of my nightstand and filled the space left with snowed trees.

02. Ikea STRÅLA led table decoration with trees

For the following idea, I used the beautiful STRÅLA led table decoration from Ikea, representing a small village under a dome. I placed it on a round bamboo tray (similar) to make it stand out from the white nightstand and surrounded it with trees of different sizes.

03. Red car with tree

This idea focuses on the traditional red car carrying a freshly cut tree. I got mine from Sinsay (also found the same design here), but it’s such a popular decor item for Christmas, that I’ve seen several interpretations of it. For example, this is a very similar one.

I started by adding the decoration on a tray that has a bit more texture (similar) and depth and filled the empty space left with small pine twigs (mine are artificial, but real ones would probably work even better, because of their scent) and cones.

Simple as that!

04. Christmas wreath with candle

A very simple way to decorate your nightstand is to use a Christmas wreath as a centerpiece.

You can fill the middle with a candle of your choice (I added a tall, skinny one to give the decoration some height, but scented candles also work great). I also used a stand (similar design) to elevate my candle from the wreath.

05. Poinsettia in a vase

With Poinsettia you can never go wrong around Christmas. Put a few artificial flowers in a clear vase and fill it with some Christmas balls in your choice of color (I went for red and gold indifferent textures).

I also added some tree twigs and a tray to make the arrangement stand out a bit. The cones are optional, but I like the look since my tray was kinda big for the vase I had.

06. Mini Christmas tree

How about having a Christmas tree on your nightstand? Not the normal size one of course, rather get a mini version and decorate it with the smallest ornaments that you have.

I used some tiny ceramic figurines that I got from Vienna and Colmar Christmas markets and a few small red Christmas balls.

07. Modern arrangement with angel

The following idea fits really well in a bedroom decorated in the Scandinavian style (like mine).

I used a beautiful ceramic angel decoration as the main focus and paired it with a candle in a simple star-shaped stand (same design but in black) and a ceramic tree (similar). I then placed the three items on a round bamboo tray to make everything stand out from the white nightstand.

The color scheme of the decorations matches my room, so of course, you can choose different items that will go well with your own bedroom.

08. Deer with tree

The deer is actually a tree ornament that I thought will look really good in an arrangement.

I placed it on a small gray plate and added tree twigs, snowed cones, and small red balls, as well as the ceramic tree that I used before to give the whole arrangement some height.

09. Snowman with dried oranges

For the following idea, I put a cute snowman figurine (cute alternative) that I’ve had for several years on a tray made from hyacinths.

I then proceeded to fill the empty space with dried orange slices (read my post “How to dry orange slices for decor” to find out how to make your own), cones and small tree twigs.

10. Christmas gnomes

Christmas gnomes were really popular this year and of course, I couldn’t resist them, so I got a few ceramic ones.

For this really simple Christmas nightstand decoration idea, I used a grey pair to match my accent wall, a candle, and some snowed cones. I then placed all the elements on the shallow bamboo table to tie everything together.

I really hope you got inspired by these really simple Christmas decor ideas for your bedstands and don’t forget to check out my other seasonal decor posts.

Happy holidays!

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