Bedroom: Desk at the end of the bed with floor length curtains

How to Fit a Desk in a Small Bedroom (7 Practical Ideas)

In an ideal world, we’d all have these spacious, Pinterest-worthy homes where our working or studying area is separate from where we sleep.

But in reality, we often find ourselves in a situation where we need to find a way to fit a desk in a pretty small bedroom, especially if living in a big city apartment.

Having been in this situation myself, I decided to offer you a few ideas on how to deal with this situation in a way that the room still looks nice and is functional.

desk on the wall, near the bed

01. Desk on a side bed wall

If your bedroom is wide enough, one of the obvious choices for your desk placement is a side wall, where it can also double as a vanity table.

To integrate it better into the design of the room, you can add some floating shelves above and different decor elements.

If you lack the space, you can push your bed against the opposite wall, sacrificing a nightstand. This layout placement however works better for kids or single rooms.

Desk at the end of the bed
My current desk arrangement

02. Desk at the end of the bed

Adding a desk in a small master bedroom can be challenging due to the central position of the bed: there’s often too little space left on either side of it to be able to fit a desk near the wall.

A good alternative, in this case, is to place it at the end of the bed. If your bedroom is not too long either, go for a narrow desk, that won’t take up a lot of walking space.

From experience, I found that this solution looks better if you have a bed with a footboard, as it gives a bit of structure and acts as a separation between the bed and the desk areas.

The downside though, is that the footboard often tends to attract random clothes (at least in my case).

Also, a desktop with a big monitor might not look the best in this placement, since it will break the room into two from a visual point of view.

In fact, this is the reason why I refused to buy a monitor for about 3 years despite working mostly from home. In the end, I caved and while I don’t regret getting one, I’m not totally at peace with how it looks either:)).

Using a desk as a nightstand

03. Desk as a nightstand

In a small bedroom, every inch counts, so doubling up your desk as a nightstand is a smart way to save space while keeping everything you need within arm’s reach.

It’s important, however, to find a desk that’s not too bulky yet still offers enough surface area for both your work essentials and your bedside knick-knacks. Or you can build a custom, suspended one if you’re going for a sleek, modern design.

To keep a cohesive look, you can put a matching lamp on your desk. And if you want to push things even further, you can also use the desk as a vanity table in a master bedroom.

A desk and a wardrobe buit-in

04. Desk on the wall opposite the bed

Placing your desk on the wall opposite the bed can be a way to separate your work zone from your sleeping zone, even in the smallest of bedrooms. It’s like having a mini office within your personal space.

To use your space efficiently, you should add shelves above your working space. You can also integrate the desk in a custom built-in near or between your wardrobe(s) for a more seamless look.

Desk inside the closet

05. Desk in the closet

If the idea of having your desk in the bedroom still doesn’t sit right with you, you can try to hide it inside your closet. This way it’s out of sight, out of mind when you’re not using it.

While it’s possible to implement this idea by yourself, it’s better to have a specialist custom-build this setup for you. Include shelves above your desk in your design, to make good use of the space.

Lighting is also important – adding bright, focused lighting can transform a dim closet into an inviting workspace.

A window sil desk

06. Window sill desk

Got a window with a view? You can turn the window sill into a desk! This idea is perfect for those who like having natural light and maybe a bit of inspiration from the outside world.

It’s a relatively simple setup that requires a sturdy, wide sill or a custom-cut piece of wood to extend the existing space.

Not only does this make for a cozy and compact workspace, but it also helps keep the rest of your room free for other essentials.

A desk under a loft bed

07. Desk under a loft bed

This design concept isn’t just a clever space-saving solution, but it works particularly well for kids’ rooms. In fact, it aligns perfectly with the dynamic needs of a child’s bedroom, which often serves as a place for sleep, study, and play.

Many furniture stores have caught on to this multifunctional need and are offering ready-made solutions that combine a loft bed with a desk.

Consider the Ikea Smastad for instance: it not only has a sleeping area above and a workspace below but it also incorporates ample storage options.

Things to consider when choosing a desk for your small bedroom

  • While getting a narrow desk is great for saving space, making sure you can sit comfortably at it is more important. So test it before you actually buy it.
  • Get a good chair, your back will thank you later.
  • If you have a lot of stuff you need to hide, go for a design that offers storage space, otherwise a sleek, without many drawers will make your room look less cramped.
  • Consider the material and color of your new desk; make sure it fits aesthetically with your bedroom.
  • Get a desk pad: it will protect the desk while also doubling as a mouse pad.

So, armed with these ideas, I encourage you to look at your small bedroom with fresh eyes. See it not as a challenge but as an opportunity to craft a multipurpose space that’s truly yours.

And if you’re designing it from scratch, I also recommend you read my guide on the things to consider before choosing your bedroom furniture.

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